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Credwell's AAA promise: Alert, Aware, Approachable
  • NCC

    Credwell Consulting are ready to advise and consult on all aspects of the National Construction Code (NCC), formerly the Building Code of Australia, as well as all associated building legislation. We appreciate and understand that our clients face many challenges within the industry and so we consider these matters when providing NCC advice and guidance. Through experience, we have found that greater value is achieved by taking a more practical approach when and where construction does not go according to plan. We are flexible in our approach to services, putting the needs of our clients first, offering tailored services as required, including, but not limited to the types of reporting listed below.

    • NCC Assessment Reports;
    • Access Assessment Reports;
    • Section J (Energy) Assessment Reports;
    • Performance Solution Reports;
    • Fire Engineered Performance Solution Reports;
    • Fire Safety Upgrade Audits and Reports, including for proposed change of use;
    • Refurbishment Audits and Reports, including for proposed change of use;
    • Letters of Representation to Council Fire Orders;
    • Defects Reports;
    • Audit Reports, generally including cladding and passive fire;
    • Population Study Assessment Reports;
    • Schedules of Passive Firestopping;
    • General Compliance Inspection and Audit Reports;
    • Pre-purchase Compliance Inspection Reports;
    • Building Certificate Assessment Reports;
    • Temporary Structures Reports;
    • Technical Toolbox Meeting Reports.

    If you wish to gain further insight into these reports and the circumstances in which they prove value, as tailored to your needs, feel free to call us for a chat about the general scope of each type of report and the most effective approach towards fulfilling all necessary requirements.

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  • Access

    Whether you are renovating or upgrading your existing premises, designing a new building, considering moving premises or just require a little advice on accessible, adaptable, liveable or universal design Credwell Consulting are here to help. We understand the application of the National Construction Code (NCC), Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) (DDA), The Disability (Access to Premises – Building) Standards 2010 (Premises Standards) and other associated standards in relation to accessibility.

    With your new projects we suggest to save you delays in time and money, get us involved at the initial design stage to discuss what you want to achieve and how. We won’t just tell you things are wrong, we will do our upmost to provide you with a solution to help your project proceed to final OC.

    We can provide advice in relation to the following projects:

    • Government projects
    • Mixed class high rise buildings
    • Residential & commercial developments
    • Sport and recreational facilities and stadiums
    • Retirement villages
    • Hospitals
    • Airports 
    • Educational facilities
    • Child care centres
    • Heritage buildings
    • Hotels and Hostels
    • Shopping centres
    • Restaurants and food outlets
    • Factories and warehouses
    • Fit-outs (All types)

    Access services and what we can offer

    We can supply Owners Corporation’s, Lawyers, Building Owners, Builders and Architects with the following services: -

    • Informal or formal advice on all access related matters no matter how big or small;
    • Review plans of architectural designs we can even provide marked up details of non-compliances;
    • Review materials lists (although manufacturers and suppliers claim compliance they are often incorrect);
    • Comprehensive Access Assessment Report;
    • Access Audit Reports;
    • Access Statement of Compliance;
    • Access Performance Solutions; and
    • Livable and Adaptable housing compliance.

    We review compliance against the following: -

    • All Clauses of the National Construction Code 2016 (NCC) Volume 1 relating to Accessibility and identifying where the building achieves compliance, non-compliance or if a Performance Solution is appropriate relative to the circumstance. Any Performance Solutions will need to be prepared under a separate cover;
    • The Apartment Design Guidelines (ADG);
    • Council’s DCP;
    • Associated Standards called up by the NCC or Council DCP, including AS1428.1-2009, AS1428.4.1-2009 and AS4299-1995;
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  • Cladding

    Credwell Consulting have qualified consultants to provide advice, inspections and relevant audit/statement reports in relation to aluminium composite panels (ACP). Our expertise is sought by Owners Corporation’s, Lawyers and Building owners, generally as a result of receipt of one of the following:

    • Letter received from insurance company;
    • Notice from Local or State Government; or
    • Defect audit for legal reasons.

    Cladding services and what we can offer: -

    • Inspection of the building/s to carryout a visual inspection of possible aluminium composite panels (ACP’s);
    • Review available documentation provided by the client;
    • Provide advice on whether or not the panels comply with the relevant provisions of NCC2016;
    • Provide recommendations, as necessary, regarding further destructive testing of the panels;
    • Recommend as necessary, ad-hoc or formal fire testing of ACP’s; and
    • Provide advice and clarification on our findings.
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  • Fire Safety Audit

    Whether you need to understand deficiencies in, or plan to upgrade an existing building in relation to fire safety, Credwell Consulting can help by providing a comprehensive audit report that details the pertinent matters for consideration.

    As well as assessing the building against the requirements of the NCC and providing a detailed schedule of compliance, the report itself also provides an upgrading strategy prioritised by urgency and importance with the works required to be undertaken within each section. Depending on the scope and scenario, advice and guidance can be provided with regards to the most effective route for obtaining a building permit, which may involve assessment against various legislative acts and regulations at state and federal levels, as well as consideration as to whether the works required can be augmented and rationalised in such a way that a particular and preferable route can be achieved. The approach taken is to understand the scope and requirements of the project and confirm subsequent options given the relevant parts of the NCC, legislation, and regulations. Flexibility is available for reporting in which a customised content can be provided also.

    The report can form the basis of a scope of works that can be used to create specifications and documentation for tendering purposes and lists the required fire safety measures for the building, which have the opportunity to be consolidated where available. From experience, many Fire Safety Schedules are only partially complete in the information that should be provided in accordance with industry expectations, so the upgrade report occasions the chance to prepare a fully comprehensive schedule that will ensure the correct and proper maintenance of fire safety measures going forward.

    Credwell Consulting have completed many fire upgrade reports for a variety of clients and buildings with a range of needs and requirements and are available to attend site to inspect the resulting upgrades and answer queries that arise during the course of the project. Once the works are satisfactorily complete, written confirmation that the works meet the requirements of the upgrading strategy can be issued. 

    Fire Safety Audit services and what we can offer: -

    • Inspect the existing building against the requirements of the NCC.
    • Provide advice and guidance regarding the most effective route for obtaining a building permit.
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  • Project Management

    We can provide service in relation to the following projects: -

    • Fire orders
    • Large scale renovations
    • Small scale renovations
    • Restoration on historical buildings
    • New builds

    We will be responsible for your projects: -

    • Project managing and planning
    • Cost management
    • Time management
    • Quality management
    • Contract administration
    • Safety management
    • Problem Solving

    Project Managing services and what we can offer: -

    • Enter negotiations and liaise with Council where required;
    • Arrange for suitable qualified designers or engineers to provide quotations for design work relating to significant work items, such as fire hydrant systems, sprinkler systems, passive fire protection, electrical, etc;
    • Arrange an inspection to ensure that an accurate scope of works can be provided and in turn accurate quotations are provided from potential contractors;
    • Prepare a scope of works for owners to accept prior to sending to reputable contractors for tendering;
    • The scope of works will identify the standard of installation in terms of satisfying the relevant Clauses of the National Construction Code (NCC) (formerly the Building Code of Australia), relevant Australian Standards and other performance standards;
    • Where a definitive scope of works cannot be provided due to issues such as a lack of access, or areas that are inaccessible, a schedule of rates will be obtained and a prime cost (PC) allowance will be made based on available information;
    • Attend on-site meetings/inspections with the tendering contractors to allow them to review the property for their quotations;
    • Liaise with contractors as necessary during the tender process;
    • Collate and assess tenders and make a recommendation to the Client;
    • Liaise with the Owners in relation to the works;
    • Attend meetings with the Owners or Council as requested; and
    • Notify the preferred tenderer and prepare the contract on behalf of the Owners.
    During Construction
    • Periodic inspections of the works to ensure that it is progressing and being completed in accordance with the requirements;
    • Review and approval of invoices from contractors;
    • Answer queries from contractors;
    • Liaise with Council regarding the progress of the works;
    • Witness commissioning and testing of services, as necessary;
    • Request contractor completion certifications for works completed;
    • Upon satisfactory completion of works, prepare a completion statement by an A1 Accredited Certifier for each stage; and
    • Prepare the Final Fire Safety Certificate for completion by the Owners.
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